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Raw Food
Stay Wild, Child.
Acai Bowls

Named after founder Liza Morgan, this relatively new business first opened early June 2017 at 215 Broadway in downtown Troy. In the same year, Liza's relocated to 53 3rd Street. On November 18th, we reopened our doors, expanding our space and our menu. With delicious and nutritious offerings, Liza's is open 6 days a week starting at 8 am. 



From Liza herself: 

After four years of being a collegiate Athlete at the University at Albany, I moved from Albany to Troy knowing there was something for me here, something deep, something meaningful, something powerful, something rewarding. Something like “Liza's" - a small white box that would portray all of my passion and inspiration for food and health [referring to 215 Broadway]. 


What got me here? Besides an array of different jobs in many different fields - a back injury. A back injury in 2013 that, although took me down a depressing path of my athletic career - led me to believe and prove that food is medicine. I found myself during the toughest times, in my kitchen, prepping, reading, learning, tasting all of what I'm wanting to share with you all. Cooking was definitely the best coping mechanism, reminding me of my passion. Surrounded by mentors, practitioners and now friends (Dr. Lee Lausch & Kyle Fisher) - I learned quickly, the most powerful medicine. Food. Real Food. Food from its roots, food from the farm, food from the earth. I have experimented, studied, traveled for and indulged in all sorts of different foods - I believe in a good meal with better company makes a perfect day or evening. 


It's so easy to get wrapped up in societies belief of what "food" me, I was once eating processed, high sugar, low nutrient dense food too. Fast food, boxed food, canned food. You name it, I'm sure I have had it. Unaware of what it was doing to my body both internally and externally. In so many ways does real food do us good and during my travels around (only some of) the world, the best and most memorable moments involved indulging in good food. And with that somehow, someway I knew there was a way for me to share my experiences. Share what I love, what I truly love doing, love preaching, my passion, my drive and my dream. I knew I wanted to connect with people through food - sharing knowledge, different cuisines, traditional tips and techniques and so much more. 

I'm striving every day to nourish those around me, near and far, with good, wholesome and nutritious food. Create an environment where people walk out feeling better (than walking in), alive and energetic. When I realized the importance of the ingredient list vs the nutrition label, my life changed and my passion grew even bigger. Think about it, our food choices are literal messages to the cells in our body and mind, which impacts our sense of self, how we feel and eventually, how we look. And with that, I will guide you on how to listen and respect your body by focusing on the best nutrient-dense food nature has to offer. 


What does “Liza’s” serve? Food for the soul, heart, body and mind. 


 Food that your body will crave the next day because it's nutritious, wholesome and from the earth - not the factory. Yes, you may be unfamiliar with many ingredients (mostly superfoods) - question, doubt and maybe turn away, however, “Liza's" will be sure to satisfy your cravings, educate you on something new, make you smile and hopefully, revamp your inner soul with wholesome, organic, plant based health food! All I ask is you try- be comfortable with the uncomfortable- it'll only do you good. I wouldn't say that if I wasn't there myself - where I'm at now didn't take comfortable situations and a quick flick of a switch. The details of my journey leading up to this exact moment is a story for another time but I wanted to send a fat thank you to all my friends and family, supporters and followers, near and far. Guiding me, motivating me, INSPIRING me, challenging me and making me the best I can be. Mentors, co-workers, other business owners, the local community here in Troy and to the many many new faces I am about to meet - thank you. I am so so beyond excited to have opened Liza’s - Just know, we will be there to serve you great food, smoothies and bowls! Now grab yourself a spoon, we have some food to eat!

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